Why Us

Rather than delve into the particulars of a trending market, we suggest asking current clients how their experience has been with Horizon Energy Group to get a better gauge of what your business can achieve when working with us.
Word-of-Mouth is a popular resource, and a satisfied clientele can speak for itself.
In an industry that is ever changing, time-consuming and sometimes tough to manage, all a business needs to have is the security of knowing they have a dedicated team of experts to help monitor and manage an easily controllable expense.
Our team consists of consultants that build customer relationships, are goal oriented, and can outwork the competition. In terms of the energy market, we like to think of ourselves as “Cost reducers” if you will.
Services by Horizon Energy Group
By pulling customer data and submitting it to our retail electricity providers, we enable competition between the companies to lower your final price for energy. Once all the best possible options are presented to our consultants, we give you the final decision and the power to choose. We want you to focus on growing your business while we focus on your electric!

Since we gather data and prices from multiple REP’s, you are provided with more options than obligations. Each energy provider is different, so each one may offer different and unique options. Some allow online payments, while some require physical payment. Some give their customers a grace period for bill paying, sometimes ten days and sometimes twenty days. Traditionally, the market has a track record of a steady increase over time, just as a gallon of gas does, there are small pockets of opportunity in the market when we find a small drop in price before an increase. This is the time to lock in your rate with our “Forward Locking Program.” Many companies who are currently under contract take advantage of today’s prices and avoid the risk of having to shop the market when their contract ends in six months or a year from now. Your decision is a matter of choosing the best options for your specific needs.
Instead of spending your own valuable time searching for the best and most ideal energy provider, our team does that work for you.
History of Energy Providing


Simply put, deregulation allows for competition, and competition allows for lower prices. Until about a decade ago, people in one state were only able to buy power from one overreaching company and were endlessly restricted to that company. Now, with the government’s deregulation of energy, people have the power to choose. If you are dissatisfied with the services of one energy provider, you have the ability to move to another. Furthermore, with multiple companies competing against each other for your business, they are forced to lower their prices to make themselves more marketable across the board. Since energy is now a free market with so many options, some people become overwhelmed by the influx of information and settle for whatever provider reaches them first. Our company organizes those prospective providers in a neat and orderly manner, with all their quotes and services laid out for you to choose from. It can be hard for some of us to find the time to do the necessary research, which is why we do that work for you.
Deregulation gives the power to the consumer, not the provider. It’s as easy as that.