Horizon Energy Group Energy has a dedicated team of people who only support our existing customers, they are the best in the industry. Every customer is treated with the same level of importance and attention to detail.. We strive to make ourselves better each day and appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers. Over the last 2 years we have adjusted to the market and continuously evaluate our processes to better serve our clients.. We put together monthly newsletters to keep our customers informed with the market changes.

The energy market is very complex, we try to take the burden of the complexity off our customers and take ownership. We will keep you updated on capacity, change of law, NITS, and increases/pass-thru’ s, we are always here to support our customers, including when issues arise. We have noticed an uptick in marketing in our industry and not all companies are as honest as they should be. Issues have occurred where one of our customers was slammed by another broker and we have been able to help get everything back to normal. Always be aware of your existing electric & natural gas agreements, you should always revert back to your previous contract before signing a new one.