Horizon Energy Group Energy wants to keep our customers as informed as possible. We believe that making smart energy choices is based on expert knowledge, current market trends, and industry experience. With the volatility of the energy market it is important to watch a variety of factors before deciding. Some of those factors include, the shale natural gas production, weather outlooks, traders, storage inventories, production levels, rig counts, etc. Not only do you get all of this, but you also have access to a team of experienced energy professionals that are the best in the business..

It all depends on how much information you would like to receive. We can send you daily market updates which include the following:

  1. The daily NYMEX settlement pricing
  2. The U.S. daily natural gas production level
  3. Weekly storage injection or withdrawal reports
  4. Revolving 20 day weather outlook for the entire U.S.

Our team has been offering Natural gas and Electricity solutions for our customers since deregulation. Our main goal is to provide you a cost-effective solution that fits your businesses needs and usage patterns. On average we can reduce a company’s energy cost by 10 – 20%, in rare cases we have been able to reduce the businesses energy cost by over 50%. These reductions can save your business thousand’s if not tens of thousands of dollars. We offer a variety of different suppliers with extremely competitive rates. With our long-standing channel relations and the amount of energy that we manage in our portfolio, we are able to provide much lower rates than the average broker. This coupled with our knowledge and expertise in the energy markets gives us an edge over our competition. We understand the market as it is today and dedicate resources to prepare for the future. Our Energy specialists will put together a customized analysis for your business. We will then tailor a price comparison that will work for you today as well as the future. We can offer fixed rates, variable rates, block and index, and hybrid plans. Depending on the market conditions and current rates we will find the right solution for you. We have built our business by insuring that our customers come first. We care about our customers and therefore they keep coming back.

In formulating a proper energy plan for any business, identifying short and long-term goals are necessary to reach a positive result.
Asking questions is the most important component to our performance, it allows us to better understand the needs of our clients and allows us a better approach in determining how to be most successful. Whether it’s by reducing the actual commodity cost, increasing potential incentives or being more efficient in the way that energy is used, all things are considered in providing a service that gives the customer exactly what they want. Sometimes a customer may prefer to focus on the short term by sourcing the power at the best price, in which Horizon Energy Group can help navigate through the various products the industry has to offer. Other times it makes better sense to consider a plan that can be secured for a longer amount of time. There are even ways to RENEGOTIATE during the current contract for service, which allows the client the ability to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

  • Step 1: What are your business goals and objectives?
  • Step 2: Review your historical usage data, find out where, when, and what might make sense.
  • Step 3: Monitor the market, communicate to you the trends, present to you the best available options.
  • Step 4: Execute the agreement.

One of our main concerns is that the unexpected costs of electricity and natural gas consumption can have a severe impact on your company’s energy expenditures.To better manage your exposure to price fluctuations, our clients need complete transparency and the ability to forecast supply and demand accurately.Horizon Energy Groups single platform provides real-time visibility into quantity, price movements, and implementing a Risk Management Program to help assure and protect your business from the negative financial and operational impacts in the industry.

Client Benefits

  • Ability to mitigate exposure to risk
    • Fine-tuned market forecasting and budgeting and energy procurement
    • Lower cost commodity purchases
    • Reduction in overall energy expenditures

Our proactive approach allows you to take advantage of small window of opportunity that may not be available in the normal Request for Proposal process.Upon gathering the previous 12 months of usage, we begin reviewing the different products and options that make sense to fit your company’s needs:

1) 100% FIXED RATE

By helping businesses to make an informed and confident decision, Horizon Energy Group assists companies through the complicated maze of suppliers and providers that service the Electricity and Natural Gas industry.Our knowledge and experience directly translate to energy cost insights that reflect a reduction in cost, as well as time taken from the business, in managing their energy needs. Opportunities differ by region, markets, supplier, customer type and industry, but by identifying each one and building a complete profile meant to meet our client’s needs, our dedicated team of consultants work with the right suppliers to help customers reduce any form of guesswork in the market.